Elkhorn Mountains Peak

Elkhorn Mountains Peak

This is a view of the Elkhorn Mountains from Baker City, Oregon. The picture was taken with a 500mm lens. The shadow appears to be a human face in late December and January on a clear day. 

There are legends about the shadow.

 If you know how they go please email me and I will post it on this page.

My Visit to Elkhorn Peak 9 2013


Harry Millen, Minneapolis

I grew up about a mile from the base of that peak--it seemed like our back yard. My parents are originally from the eastern US, so we moved (very difficult to leave) back east when I was 15 in 1987. I will never forget the crystal clear mornings beneath that peak as I waited for the school bus 1/2 mile west of Pocahontas Road. So thank you very much for the beautiful photos--it means so much to me to see the Elkhorn's again! 

Anyway, the legend I've always heard (repeated by my dad) is that the shadow inspired fear in local Indians, who thought it was the visage/spirit of a dead chief. As a result, my dad was told, the Indians would not inhabit Baker valley. Do you know if that info is historically accurate? Who told my father this, I do not know, but I am sure I could find out from him. I always viewed the shadow-face with awe and a little fear myself since I felt that it was an actual spirit and it is gigantic! Again, thank you for the splendid views.

Carol, Baker City

"The Guardian"

The local Native American call the Elkhorn Mountain peak and the shadow, "The Guardian." It is their belief the Indian is a deity that watches over the valley and keeps it safe. I got my source from my husband and a lady that used to work at the Inland cafe on 10th Street. They are both Native Americans. Also they used to have a beautiful picture of the Elkhorn's framed on the cafe wall. Anyone could buy a copy of it. It was also called, "The Guardian."





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Elkhorn Mountains Peak

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